About our company

Born in Alaska, Shopalaskan.com is an Alaskan farmers/craft market online. Shopalaskan.com will make your products available 24 hours a day every day of the year. If you don’t sell anything, you don’t pay anything. Each vendor’s (virtual) booth has their own table to display their items for sale alongside your neighbors, and you arrange your items yourself by loading up four things...


1. A photo of the item for sale.

 2. One brief and one detailed description of the item. 

 3. How much does the item cost?

4. And how many of these items are for sale?


Once your items are loaded on the market, they are available for purchase. Once a customer selects your item, once their credit card is charged, your money (-10%) goes DIRECTLY to you. You ship the purchased items to the customer.


Frequently asked questions:



Q: Who is eligible to be a vendor?

A: We whose primary residence is within

 the state of Alaska. Alaskans only. No exceptions.



Q: Does every piece of every item for sale, need to be from Alaska?

A: No



Q: Does shopalaskan.com only market to other Alaskans?

A: No, shopalaskan.com will market to the world for you.



Q: Is shopalaskan.com 100% Alaskan owned?

A: Yes. shopalaskan.com owners/employees are descendants of many generations of

Alaskan Natives. Born here, going to die here too.


Q: Can I be a vendor if I live off the Alaskan road system?

A: YES… all you need is Internet and mail service.


Q: Does shopalaskan.com want my current customers?

A: No, we will grow your customer base through website traffic. You may direct customers to your virtual booth you like, but that’s your choice.


Q: Once I join am I locked in?       A: No, you can quit anytime.